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To ignore evil is to become an accomplice to it.

                                             MARTIN LUTHER KING JR.

Time to get the smallpox blankets out and shut some people up. 

Facebook post by WCSO DEPUTY RYAN RATHBUN with image of female model in a Native American headdress

and caption "Victoria's Secret apologizes after use of Native American headdress in fashion show draws outrage."

For me, that would be almost certainly a termination case in my mind.  I don’t see any way that officer would be able to stay with the Seattle Police Department.   Discriminatory social media posts do, in fact, say something about a cop’s ability to police people fairly.  If you are racist, you are not just racist on Monday, you are racist on every day of the week.                                                                                                                                ANDREW MYERBERG, Director of Seattle's Office of Police Accountability

The complaints below wouldn't have been filed if REUBEN JOE SANCHEZ had stopped his trespassing, violations of harassment no-contact orders, harassment/stalking, and assault with the clear intent to injure/kill.   And if WCSO hadn't consistently encouraged, supported, and condoned it all.

He has only himself to blame for these and any future complaints against him and his accomplices.

I really want to know what kind of men enjoy intimidating a woman half your size.  

A woman who, by the way, is beyond intimidation.                                             JACK REACHER

Fear Is a Liar
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There Was Jesus
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You Raise Me Up
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The Children's Song
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When you walk through fires of injustice, the flames will not consume you.

When you swim through rivers of difficulty, you will not drown.

When you walk through dark waters, I will be with you.                        ISAIAH 43:2

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