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Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.             JOHN WOODEN

As Judge Robert Olson* stated on October 14, 2021:  "...Mr. Scott's behavior appears to be that of a young man who
needs and deserves correction..." 

We know that correction will never happen because:

  • your crimes and predations (that we know of) began in 2018 when you were 12 years old, with major, calculated, malicious damage to GLC's backhoe, and are becoming increasingly more frequent and regular, and every bit as malicious, now that you're 15 years old

  • your parents, friends, and law enforcement (Thompson, Baker, Elfo, etc.) consistently protect you from accountability for crimes and are willing to concoct any number of laughably bogus alibis and ridiculous excuses, rationalizations, and lies to do so, which directly contradict multiple police reports and community member/victim affidavits

  • you and your family and law enforcement pass your crimes and predations off as "harmless" and "antics," but the cost to your victims is very real, ongoing, and ever-increasing (how many of your victims do you think are able to move freely around their homes, knowing a bullet can come ripping through a window/door at any time or enjoy their home and property after watching you, on almost a daily basis, deliberately and maliciously endanger their homes and lives -- and the lives of their companion animals -- with that evil little smile on your face?)

  • you only prey on anything you think is weaker than you are -- companion animals, women, the elderly, etc. -- which is the defining trait/attribute of bullies and cowards everywhere, who won't stop until someone fights back 

  • neither you nor your brother are willing to take responsibility for any of the crimes or suspected crimes (unless you were ratted out for them) or the considerable financial, emotional, and mental damages you've inflicted on and continue inflicting on multiple community members -- your crimes and predations have very real consequences, which accrue to everyone but you and parents eager to unleash you both on our community, who apparently never heard of or considered teaching you basic gun safety rules and practices -- or how to live a valued and valuing life

Which means you and your brother's crimes and predations will never stop and is why I created this website: To warn others about you and about Glenhaven, like I wish someone had warned me.  I'm just grateful I don't live next door to or closer to a family that gives new meaning to the phrase "neighbors from hell," although you've done an admirable job sustaining that standard all over Glenhaven.

​I can't even begin to imagine what it must be like for you, having so little curiosity about and wonder and gratitude for this miracle of a life that you can think of nothing better to do with it than prey on and harm others.  Or how your parents can care so little about our community and the people who live here that they let you.  Over and over and over again.


As Bekki Dodd noted in her affidavit, some community members don't even report the predations anymore because law enforcement consistently tells them "there's nothing we can do" or they fear retaliation.


With your penchant for willful and malicious destruction and retaliation and your parents' failure to supervise/control you and your brother, in full knowledge of your dangerous tendencies (I mean, really, what kind of parents leave their children home alone, shooting lethal weapons at a neighbor's house?) and law enforcement's penchant for corruption and incompetence and refusals to enforce laws, you're well on your way to becoming lifelong criminals. 

The consequences of continuing on this path could eventually be life-altering to you, so I invite you to watch the interviews below between self-defense guru TIM LARKIN and MARC MacYOUNG, VARG FREEBORN, "SAMMY THE BULL" GRAVANO, MIKE GLOVER, BARRY EISLER, and BEDROS KEUILIAN.

Think of them as your Ghosts of Christmas Future -- or as invitations to learn how to live a valued and valuing life.

LOL, I'm not mad.  You have to learn not to get caught.

Text from JENNIFER CRUMBLEY,  mother of Oxford High School shooter, whose parents were carrying on affairs while their son tortured/killed animals.

Oftentimes, when it comes to self-protection, some of the best information comes from the worst people:  the criminals.  And what's really interesting is, when you get these criminals' stories, there was nobody there for them when they were growing up.  The one place where they felt like they were welcome was the gang, was with the criminal element.  And the criminal element is very good at recruiting.                                                                                                              TIM LARKIN, self-defense training expert

As men, we've always had tribes in society, with rituals and rites of passage to transition boys into men.  In the absence of those rituals and rites of passage, we now have toxic masculinity.  There are now either healthy masculine men or passive-aggressive toxic men.  And masculine men are dangerous men.  They will tear the head off of someone if their loved ones or their community are in danger.                                                                                                                                BEDROS KEUILIAN, author of Man Up

​​What I've seen is, with the saturation of technology and media, porn, video games, all of the things that strip us away from our actual reality, our tangible reality, a lot of kids are lost.  And I get that.  The breakdown of the family home, this demasculinization of men because being a man is a bad thing, it's problematic.  In many cases and instances, kids are looking for the solutions, looking for answers.                                                                                MIKE GLOVER, ex-Green Beret, survival training expert

If you look at Fox News or MSNBC, which I personally think of as flip sides of the same coin, ask yourself:  What is their profit model?  How do they make their money?  It could be that they make a lot of money feeding people information that flatters and gratifies the viewers' existing tribalistic view of the world.   A lot of money is being made by flattering the existing perceptions of the audiences of these networks.  

            It's interesting to consider how much social media has to do  with this.  You can make a good argument that it's really been fed and exacerbated by social media, which makes sense, because social media does all the things that we know are effective at dehumanizing other people.  Social media, to me, is a really dangerous thing that I think is best understood as a drug -- an addictive drug that taps into the worst primal aspects of human nature.   And social media's tendency, in the aggregate, is to reduce people to a primal state -- a tribal state -- and to make it easier to dehumanize and demonize other people.                                                                                                                      BARRY EISLER, ex-CIA, author of John Rain/Livia Lone novels

*After stating the obvious about Apollo Scott's behavior deserving and needing correction, Judge Olson then denied a petition for an AHPO/ASPO, in a ruling worthy of a third-grader, riddled with substantive errors, omissions, and irrelevancies [dates, incidents, facts, etc.], logical fallacies, inappropriate and self-righteous lectures about what lengths crime victims are or aren't allowed to go to to protect themselves from criminals, and an inexplicable failure to objectively review or consider or cite copious evidence containing the truth about Apollo Scott's known and suspected crimes over the last 3 years, including his inimitable lack of impulse control, hatred of the "no" word, and overdeveloped sense of vengeance. 


Judge Olson also only cited WCSO reports as gospel truth, ignoring community member affidavits and other countervailing evidence -- direct and circumstantial -- that directly contradicts the reports and ignoring any information in the reports/affidavits or other evidence that directly contradicts his preconceived biases and prejudices, most likely gained from Sheriff Bill Elfo, since his statements in the courtroom prove he had outside knowledge about this situation before hearings convened.  Not a good look on a judge.


And only a male judge would characterize Apollo Scott's known and suspected crimes over the last 3 years as "antics,"  which mirrors WCSO's "boys will be boys" philosophy and their consistent and concerted efforts and actions to avoid establishing probable cause by encouraging, protecting, and supporting criminals, juvenile offenders, and neighbors from hell in our community.

After experiencing the costly, biased, and useless AHPO/ASPO system, it's clear it's still mired in the days when rape victims lost cases against rapists because they "asked for it."  The "rapist" equivalent in this scenario is a malicious, vengeful, out-of-control boy, lacking a conscience and consumed by self-pity, with nothing more exciting to do with his life than prey on and harm others in our community.  He and his brother and their parents need to get a life, instead of trying to control our community through fear and intimidation and threats and violence.

The juveniles have all the rights; their victims have none.

                                                                                                      MULTIPLE WCSO DEPUTIES

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