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The world is a dangerous place to live in, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it.             ALBERT EINSTEIN


It matters not how strait the gate, how charged with punishments the scroll.
I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul.             

What we're seeing, though, is one of the most powerful, one of the richest women in the world [Kim Kardashian], unable to get her ex to stop texting her, to stop chasing after her, to stop harassing her.  Just think about that for a moment.  Think about how powerful she is, and she can't get that to happen. 

 I grew up my whole life in an abusive household, right?  One of the things I found most interesting was how often people told my mom she was overreacting.  What I found interesting was how many times people told my mom to calm down, people told my family to calm down – everyone.  You know? 


And everyone had different reasons.  I remember once we went to the police station, and they said to my mom, "Oh, but did you talk back?  Is that why you're here?  Oh, but what did you say to him?" 


It's all these questions.  All these questions.  And I remember seeing this as a child, by the way.  You see this as a child, you know?  And you see a world where women are questioned for what is happening to them, as opposed to people questioning what is happening to them. 


And for years, people said this shit.  "This happens; that happens," everyone – police, some family, strangers.  Whatever it was.  Whatever it was. 


And I'll never forget one day, I got a call from my brother saying, "Hey, Mom has just been shot in the head." 


You see it in all these stories where people say, "We saw it, but we didn't..."  Whether it's the people around them [harassers/stalkers], whether it's us as society, condoning or not condoning.  But just as a society, we have to ask ourselves questions:   Do we wish to stand by and watch a car crash, when we thought we saw it coming?    


And all I'm saying about this story is, if Kim cannot escape this -- Kim Kardashian -- if she cannot escape this, then what chance do normal women have?                                                                                                                     TREVOR NOAH, The Daily Show

Thinking of buying or living in Glenhaven Lakes Community (GLC)?   Wondering if it's the right community for you? 

GLC is the perfect community if you like having neighbors who:

  • conduct a relentless campaign of harassment/stalking, verbal/physical assaults, trespassing, theft, and torturing/killing of animals and dumping their bodies on your property in a very clear, menacing, and violent Godfatheresque message of intent

  • throw over 900 roofing nails onto your driveway to prevent your attendance at an antiharassment protection order/antistalking protection order (AHPO/ASPO) hearing, which puncture the paws of companion animals and the hoofs of young deer and injure countless other wildlife with no recourse to medical intervention

  • assault/chase you down a dark, steep, public road at dangerous, breakneck speeds while you're out for your nightly walk and then completely control the interview with deputies, who fail to question any of the lies, contradictions, discrepancies, and inconsistencies

  • are insane sociopaths, routinely claiming whatever crime they've committed against you is out of the goodness of their heart -- and like every sociopath, immediately revert to self-pity while showing not a shred of remorse or regret

  • park or stand in the road in front of your house and yell and swear at you and make complete fools of themselves

  • cost you over $16,000 to fortify your property, repair damages, and petition for one AHPO/ASPO

GLC is the perfect community if you like having Glenhaven Lakes Community and Glenroads boardmembers who:

  • selectively enforce rules to prevent you from protecting yourself, while allowing other community members to violate rules across the board (clear-cutting trees, habitation of temporary structures, noncompanion animals, etc.)

  • force dues payers to carry many non-dues payers for years, resulting in poorly maintained roads and high assessments to redo them

  • suffer the insane sociopaths to clear trees in the dark and heavy winds so they can fake an injury, sue your HOA, and remain unemployed the rest of their lives -- on your dime

GLC is the perfect community if you like Whatcom County Sheriff Bill Elfo:

  • assigning a deputy (Thompson) to our community who routinely dismisses community member 911 calls; refuses to respond to and investigate reported crimes; blatantly lies (i.e., "there was no scene to visit or investigate") or omits critical confessions in written reports (i.e., a criminal stating, "Somebody else made that law [I violated], and I wasn't there when they passed it, so it doesn't apply to me"); is hostile toward and browbeats victims because he's befriended the criminals preying on them; calls into question victims' credibility, without ever asking for proof/verification; tacitly supports the criminals by responding "I don't disagree" to what they say; and routinely states to victims "there's nothing we can do" because that's exactly what he does on behalf of victims:  nothing

  • retaining a deputy (Rathbun) on the Whatcom County prosecuting attorney's Brady list, who would be terminated in the Seattle Police Department because of a history of misconduct, including racism

  • allowing all the criminals/suspected criminals in our community to drive with no or concealed license plates

  • refusing to do objective investigations -- or any investigations at all -- or deliver on multiple promises to reinterview suspects about "suspicious" alibis that "suggest they are involved or are covering for someone in some way"

  • repeatedly reneging on promises to look into WCSO's incompetent handling of incidents and interviews

  • deliberately distorting crime statistics by omitting all crimes of violence (assaults, rapes, etc.) from crime stats/maps, which prevents accurate and realistic assessment of different neighborhoods' safety and selectively listing only some victims' address blocks on the maps, inviting criminals to target them again, while omitting, without discernible rhyme or reason, other victims' reports of crime and refusing to arrest perpetrators of violent crimes

To protect your family and ensure transparency in crime statistics, ask your public servants to:

  • report all crimes in online crime stats/maps or provide explanation for why so many are missing

  • report all crimes of violence (assaults, rapes, etc.) in online crime stats/maps

  • arrest perpetrators of violent crimes, instead of encouraging, protecting, and supporting them

Police not enforcing laws results in a high crime rate that is formally reported as a low crime rate in police statistics.                                                                                                                STEVEN MAGEE


I bought a house in GLC in June 2020.

On January 10 I paid APOLLO SCOTT $100/hour to move dirt onto the exposed root systems of three large trees on my property, any one of which will wipe out my house and me if they fall.  (My house was half destroyed in the past by a falling tree.)

On January 29 I asked APOLLO SCOTT to stop trespassing and trampling on the roots.  I quickly learned -- from police reports of prior offenses and other community members -- that he hates the "no" word. 


For over a month, I watched APOLLO SCOTT, on almost a daily basis, sneak onto my property and trample over the exposed root systems at high speeds and try to run down my cat, with an evil little smile on his face.

APOLLO SCOTT admitted in sworn testimony that he has worked with REUBEN SANCHEZ and he and his mother, TANIA SCOTT, are friends with DANIELLE BROCKER

REUBEN SANCHEZ has a long and violent history of drug possession, manufacturing, and delivery; domestic violence; trespassing; harassment/stalking; assault; theft; and protection order violations (see police reports in next column)

After APOLLO SCOTT was trespassed from my property, REUBEN SANCHEZ and his unhinged girlfriend, DANIELLE BROCKER, began a relentless campaign against me of trespassing, harassment/stalking, verbal/physical assaults, and theft, which continues to this day. 

REUBEN SANCHEZ is also suspected by law enforcement in animal torture/killings because he provided a "suspicious" alibi for APOLLO SCOTT that "suggests he is involved or covering for someone in some way."  He also  refused to appear at court proceedings on May 20 to provide the "suspicious" alibi for APOLLO SCOTT under oath, which led, apparently, to a permanent rift in their relationship.

​And now they're turning on each other.  APOLLO SCOTT recently testified under oath that REUBEN SANCHEZ threatened to kill me in March, which apparently didn't merit notice or warning to me or law enforcement.

APOLLO SCOTT and his mother, TANIA SCOTT, also appear to be willing to throw REUBEN SANCHEZ under whichever bus comes along, recently implicating him, in sworn testimony and in a petition, in animal torture/killings.

APOLLO SCOTT also volunteered REUBEN SANCHEZ only works for cash, apparently to suggest he may be committing income tax, unemployment, social security, and/or L&I fraud -- or is still into drugs.

These neighbors make the neighborhood relentlessly dangerous and violent to live in because their pathologies fit together like a hand in a glove.



POLICE REPORTS (click on report number to access each report)

Apollo Scott was involved in, present at, and/or is a suspect in the following offenses, based on timing, location, and other circumstantial evidence, including community member affidavits that contradict police reports.

18A25727 + AFF-DODD  Damage to GLC Backhoe + GLC Picnic Table Pushed into Lake

20A32149  Alcohol + Guns + Cruelty to Animals

20A39652  Trespassing+Burglary+Malicious Mischief at Harmony Elementary School

20A41410 + AFF-CROUTER  Shot Out Neighbor's Glass Door +

Shot Holes in Windows/House

21A07831/21A09075/21A16243  Trespassing + Torture/Killing of Opossum

21A11986  Trespassing + Torture/Killing of Chicken + Slashed Tire

21A28012  Suspect in Malicious Mischief (over 900 roofing nails thrown on driveway, resulting in punctured paws and hoofs in companion animals and young deer and countless injuries to other wildlife with no recourse to medical intervention)


I had never met REUBEN SANCHEZ or DANIELLE BROCKER before May 21, four days after the tortured/skinned body of an opossum was dumped on my property, in a very clear, menacing, and violent Godfatheresque message of intent, at which point they began a relentless campaign against me of harassment/stalking, verbal/physical assaults, trespassing, and theft, which continues to this day.

DANIELLE BROCKER likes to pretend she commits crimes  on behalf of "these minors," but community members agree she's just a passive-aggressive crazy lady, always in search of a reason to bully and hysterically scream at people (including GLC's office manager, Bekki Dodd), in true cuckoo mode. 

How can her children, who she says live with REUBEN SANCHEZ -- a taxidermist who enlists children to pick up road kill for him -- be traumatized by seeing the pictures of tortured/skinned animals on a reward flyer? 

How does she justify committing crimes against her neighbors by trespassing on their property (knowing it's posted), shoving a camera in their face at their front door, refusing to tell them who she is, and refusing to leave?  Wouldn't a letter be less painful for everyone?

​​REUBEN SANCHEZ and DANIELLE BROCKER consistently deploy the coward's weapons:  bullying (including on social media) and threats and violence.  And like all sociopaths, their defining trait/attribute is self-pity.

Their only entertainment in life seems to consist of harassing/stalking and verbally/physically assaulting others, along with the other crimes listed in police reports below, and standing or parking in the road in front of my house, yelling and swearing at me or trespassing on my property.  And they're stupid enough to do it all knowing they're being videorecorded and in front of witnesses.

​​DANIELLE BROCKER QUOTES  (click on underlined quotes for photos)

You don't do anything for anybody except be a nuisance. 

You don't belong here.

[After being trespassed from my property]

I can still drive by your house, you know.

​​REUBEN SANCHEZ QUOTES  (click on underlined quotes for photos)

[To my neighbor standing next to me]

She's just a freak.  I can't believe anybody would fucking come here. 

[To me, when I ignored him and started back into my house]

Hey, get your ass back here.  You get your ass back here.

Somebody else made that [criminal trespassing] law, and I wasn't there when they passed it, so it doesn't apply to me.



POLICE REPORTS (click on report number to access each report)

Reuben Sanchez was involved in or is a suspect in the following

offenses, based on timing, location, and other circumstantial evidence.

SCSO 96-10125  Harassment

MVPD 02-M08774  DV + Assault

Skagit Superior Court 09-2-02312-6  DV + Protection Orders

Skagit Superior Court 10-1-00040-1  DV + No-Contact Order

SWPD 09-W07856  Harassment/Stalking + DV + Trespassing + Theft + Slashed Tires

SWPD 10-W00330  Service of Protection Orders for Ex-Wife and Children

SWPD 10-W03670  Protection Order Violations

SWPD + WCSO 10-W00330  Arrest + Theft

WCSO 21A27747 + BODY-CAM TRANSCRIPT  Trespassing 2nd Degree + Theft

WCSO 21A28564 + BODY-CAM TRANSCRIPT  Harassment/Stalking + Assault

WCSO 21A24384  Harassment/Stalking + Assault + Trepassing

WCSO 21A28012  Suspect in Malicious Mischief (over 900 roofing nails thrown on driveway, resulting in punctured paws and hoofs in companion animals and young deer and countless injuries to other wildlife with no recourse to medical intervention)   


I am sure that if the devil existed, he would want us to feel very sorry for him.                                                                                                                            MARTHA STOUT, The Sociopath Next Door

WPIC 5.01 advises juries as to the distinction between DIRECT and CIRCUMSTANTIAL evidence.  (The evidence presented on this website is direct and circumstantial.)

The term DIRECT EVIDENCE refers to evidence that is given by a witness who has directly perceived something at issue in a case.  The term CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE refers to evidence from which, based on your common sense and experience, you may reasonably infer something that is at issue in a case.

The law does not distinguish between direct and circumstantial evidence in terms of their weight or value in finding the facts in a case.   One is not necessarily more or less valuable than the other.

The CHRONOLOGY contains all the evidence related to Scott's and Sanchez's suspected offenses.  I'll let you decide if they're guilty of offenses for which there is substantial CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE and a dearth of other suspects with means, motive, and opportunity.

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